Best non-edible purchase of the weekend

I don’t just love food, I even love things that only look like food too. Which is why I knew even though it was somewhat unnecessary, a little ridiculous, and totally an impulse buy, that I just had to own the cookie look-a-like coin purse that I saw at the MoMA bookstore and giftshop.

Food-shaped accessories, a win-win situation.

The MoMA store is awesome, filled with enough artsy gadgets and gizmos to keep me entertained for hours. Even though I’d been there often, I’d never seen these: a line of coin purses and pencil pouches (I’m assuming that’s what they were) shaped like food items. There was a slice of pizza, a taco and a chocolate chip cookie, each one hilariously real looking.

I debated back and forth on whether I really needed it, but in the end lost the fight. C’mon, who was I kidding? When have I ever been able to say no to a chocolate chip cookie?


3 thoughts on “Best non-edible purchase of the weekend

    • My thoughts exactly. I only bought the cookie, to spare myself from the cashier’s judging eyes. You know she would’ve thought, “Really? A store full of art books and posters, and this chick buys a cookie-shaped bag? Psshh!”

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