I don’t just eat cupcakes…

Now that I have a brand-spankin’-new paint kit I paint them too! In an effort to resurrect my old artsy side, Flaneur got me a set of paints, brushes and canvas boards for Valentine’s Day. Although we joked about having a Titanic moment (sans gigantic diamond) I decided the best and most obvious thing for me to paint would be food, and what better subject than cupcakes! This one is a copy of a painting by Jelaine Faunce. I thought it was better to do it this way because really, there’s no way I could stare at a cupcake for hours and not eat it.

Painting is WAY harder than I had remembered.


4 thoughts on “I don’t just eat cupcakes…

  1. umm angie, you’re such a good painter! As always, I enjoyed catching up on the blog this morning. also loved the headline, “spring forward, fat behind.” so clever! ps joe is in town this weekend and I’m thinking fatty crab or something equally delicious. or even that amazing pizza in the east village. thoughts?…see you on gchat.

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