Waiting for my cookies

They're not the real deal but who cares cause they look awesome! Thanks to the fine folks at CHOW.com

Several weeks ago someone in my office came around with an order form for Girl Scout Cookies. His little girls were selling them and he, as a smart businessman, was helping them out by sending it around the office. Of course when it got to my desk, I immediately scrawled my name down for two boxes, one of the sinfully sweet chocolate-caramel-coconut flake Samoas and one of the best selling, crispy, minty chocolate Thin Mints. The chocolate-covered peanut butter and shortbread Tagalongs were calling my name but I was limiting myself to two boxes. (Next year, Tagalongs, next year.)

Since then, I’ve waited patiently wondering every day as I ride the elevator up to my floor, “Will today be the day? Will my Girl Scout Cookies finally be here?”

Regrettably, I’m not here to tell you the good news that they’ve arrived. They haven’t. The wait goes on. I did, however, find the perfect thing to hold me over. In my inbox, mixed in with my Word-of-the-day emails, Facebook notifications and reminders to pay my credit card bills was my weekly CHOW newsletter email titled “Girl Scout Cookie Madness.”

CHOW, which is a great site filled with recipes, reviews and all sorts of foodie fun stuff, had three recipes for their own version of Girl Scout favorites, specifically the two that I ordered and the one that I wanted to but didn’t. So now, I don’t have to wait! I can just make these until the ones I ordered finally surprise me at work one of these days (soon I hope). Check out the mouthwatering Girl Scout cookie knockoffs while I stare longingly at the “Fijis.”


“Magically delicious” treats

Forget Rice Krispies Treats... these are Lucky Charms Treats

On my way to work yesterday I saw a large herd of raucous young kids, all wearing green mardi gras-style beads, green t-shirts and lots of really dumb looking hats. During my lunch break, as I tried to enjoy some sunny springtime weather in Bryant Park, I saw more loud, tacky people decked out in all sorts of green. Finally, on my way to the subway to my friend’s house, I saw even more of these annoying St.Patty’s Day revelers.

This could be the onset of old age, but I wanted no part of all this celebrating. Instead I headed to my friend Vanessa‘s apartment for our own St.Patrick’s Day celebration: good beer (nothing green) and Lucky Charms Treats. (Cause let’s face it, the cute little leprechaun on the box is about as Irish as those ugly Cat-in-the-Hat style hats covered in four leaf clovers.)

The Lucky Charms Treats were gluttonously delicious, with that same sticky, sweet goodness of Rice Krispies Treats but with a thicker, chunkier consistency because of the bigger pieces in the cereal. The marshmallow shapes added a cute colorful touch to our sugary festive sweets.

Today, as people all over the city nurse a collective hangover, I’ll enjoy my Lucky Charms Treats leftovers and know I celebrated the right away.