“Magically delicious” treats

Forget Rice Krispies Treats... these are Lucky Charms Treats

On my way to work yesterday I saw a large herd of raucous young kids, all wearing green mardi gras-style beads, green t-shirts and lots of really dumb looking hats. During my lunch break, as I tried to enjoy some sunny springtime weather in Bryant Park, I saw more loud, tacky people decked out in all sorts of green. Finally, on my way to the subway to my friend’s house, I saw even more of these annoying St.Patty’s Day revelers.

This could be the onset of old age, but I wanted no part of all this celebrating. Instead I headed to my friend Vanessa‘s apartment for our own St.Patrick’s Day celebration: good beer (nothing green) and Lucky Charms Treats. (Cause let’s face it, the cute little leprechaun on the box is about as Irish as those ugly Cat-in-the-Hat style hats covered in four leaf clovers.)

The Lucky Charms Treats were gluttonously delicious, with that same sticky, sweet goodness of Rice Krispies Treats but with a thicker, chunkier consistency because of the bigger pieces in the cereal. The marshmallow shapes added a cute colorful touch to our sugary festive sweets.

Today, as people all over the city nurse a collective hangover, I’ll enjoy my Lucky Charms Treats leftovers and know I celebrated the right away.


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