Easter sales

My very own carton of chocolate marshmallow eggs

Now that Easter has come and gone, the next candy-centric holiday isn’t until October. So today, before they were wiped from the shelves, I took part in one of my favorite candy-related traditions: post-holiday clearance sales. Fifty percent off all Easter candy. Now, that’s my kind of sale. I did manage to practice some self control however, and walked out of the store only having bought two Cadbury eggs (although I wanted to buy their whole supply) and one carton (because they only came by the dozen, I swear) of chocolate marshmallow eggs. I had to. They came in a styrofoam carton just like real eggs. They were too hilariously kitchy (and cheap thanks to the sale) to pass up.

They weren’t the best candy I’ve ever had, and of course, they paled in comparison to my beloved Cadbury eggs, but they were good anyway. Light and fluffy, with just a thin chocolate shell, they’re easy to eat several of, and don’t have that ultra sugary stickiness of Cadbury eggs. You could eat a couple and not feel like you instantly got cavities. I’d say they were a fun farewell to Easter sweets. And now to wait for candy corn…

Chocolate shell, fluffy marshmallow yolk


2 thoughts on “Easter sales

  1. Awesome picture! I had my first Cadbury Cream Egg on Monday. Thank God I’m a fatty because a life without indulgences like that wouldn’t be worth living. Amen.

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