Hot weather’s here, someone get me a margarita!

Blood orange frozen margarita

The past few days have been pretty warm in New York. Too warm if you ask me. (Even though I was born in a tropical country and raised in Miami, I actually really hate the heat. Anything above 80° and I start getting fussy and cranky.) But the one good thing about hot weather making its first appearances of the year, is that it also means it’s time for ordering margaritas and other fun drinks. Order a margarita when it’s 45° outside and people will think you’re nuts (or an alchoholic) but order it when it’s 90° (like today) and people will most likely tell you that was a great idea and join you in having one themselves.

During Sunday brunch at cutesy, country-themed Cowgirl in the West Village Flaneur and I split our first margarita of the season. A deliciously icy smooth drink perfect for a hot, sunny day, the frozen blood orange margarita was a good mix of tart, subtle sweetness and just enough tequila flavor. Beside being refreshingly cold and tasty, it won bonus points with me with its cute plastic bull garnishes and mason jar glass. A little silly and maybe tacky? Perhaps. Am I looking forward to many more like it? Absolutely.


3 thoughts on “Hot weather’s here, someone get me a margarita!

  1. I am Vanessa’s sister and she keeps posting about your blog so I couldn’t resist checking it out. UMMM HELL NO! It is waaaaaaaaaay too tempting. I will be back visiting after my diet. 🙂

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