Still Peeping

Some bunny loves me...

Friday night as I unwrapped the foil from the last Cadbury creme egg I had left and bit into the chocolate shell, I thought, “Well, this is it. Till next year, dear Cadbury egg. It’s been fun.”

Flash forward to Monday afternoon. I’m trudging through this most dreary of all work days when I get a package from my sister. I recognize her goofy bubble writing and neon green ink from one of those gel pens that were all the rage in high school.

I open it, not knowing what to expect. As I peek in the box, I realize Easter is not done with me yet. Inside are not one or two or even three, but rather FIVE boxes of Peeps and two boxes of Cadbury eggs for a total of EIGHT eggs.

As I transfer what looks like the entire contents of Publix’s Easter clearance shelf into my bag, I think, “This is ridiculous.”

But thank God for family understanding our ridiculous ways.