“Where butch meets buttercream”

When I first read about Butch Bakery, a New York cupcake shop specializing in so-called manly cupcakes, I was pretty curious. Their cupcakes, so proclaimed the website, weren’t what you’d call cute. No sprinkles. No pastel-colored frosting. Nothing girly. These were cupcakes for men. Tough men. Manly men. Men who eat cupcakes, dammit.

I thought it was hilarious. Then I read the description of “The Driller.”

“Fill ‘er up with our maple cake topped with crumbled bacon and loaded with milk-chocolate ganache.”

Whaaaat?! Where is this place? I need one of these right now. Right. Freakin.’ NOW.

I was fully prepared to take an early lunch break and go wherever it was that they were churning out these manly cupcakes  but stopped myself when I read that they didn’t have an actual shop yet. Delivery only. So, I whipped out my credit card and immediately ordered The Short Round, Butch Bakery’s assortment of four cupcakes.

Unfortunately, the set comes with four flavors that aren’t substitutable and The Driller wasn’t one of them. But after reading about the cupcakes I’d soon be getting, I was ok with that.

About a week after I put in the order (who receipt was signed “Butch it up, buttercup”) a gruff-voiced man delivered my manly cupcakes. Upon first inspection, they were just as funny as their names. Each one, instead of being covered in fluffy, sugary icing, was topped with a thin chocolate disk. Each disk had a “manly” pattern or design, woodgrain, houndstooth, checkers and my personal favorite, camo.

The first one we had was the Old-Fashioned, which like the other three in the box, was named after an alcoholic drink and was fittingly infused with alcohol. Underneath the checkerboard chocolate disk (which was crisp and tasty, a nice contrast to the softness of the cupcake below) was a fat dollop of sweet, sugary icing. The orange soaked whiskey cake was fluffy and moist, with just a subtle hint of alcohol. At the core of the Old-Fashioned was a zesty, creamy burst of flavor from the lemon curd filling.


Next on our tour de cupcakes, was the brandy soaked lemon cake Sidecar. The orange-infused white chocolate filling in the middle was a smooth, creamy complement to the almost spicy zest of the brandy and lemon.


Our third booze and testosterone inspired cupcake was the Rum and Coke. While I usually dislike the drink, the cupcake version was delicious. The rum soaked vanilla cake wasn’t overpowering like rum cake can sometimes be. Instead it was sweet with just a slight aftertaste of rum. With the cola bavarian cream filling and a snap of the chocolate on top, each part of this cupcake worked together perfectly to make a delicious little treat.

Rum and coke

And finally, there was the B-52,  a camo topped madagascar vanilla cupcake soaked in Kahlua, one of my favorite liquors. Like the others, the alcohol taste was very subtle and in the B-52 it merged perfectly with the vanilla. The sweet Bailey’s bavarian cream in the middle made for the perfect filling.


In the end, these cupcakes might’ve been created by guys with guys in mind, but I’m pretty sure these’ll be a big hit with the female cupcake eaters too. Unlike some of the more girly varieties available around town, these weren’t over the top. The frosting was just enough to give you a little sweetness without making your teeth hurt, and the inside filling wasn’t messy or overbearing. No messy sprinkles, nuts or cookie bits, just an easy-to-eat, easy-to-share chocolate.

When Butch Bakery opens its NYC shop, I bet I won’t be the only girl waiting in line to butch it up.