Fried goodness

This weekend my friend and I were walking through a street fair on Lexington Ave. when I mentioned that I had somehow never had a fried Oreo, a fried Twinkie or any of the other over-the-top fatty fried anythings that have become synonymous with carnivals and fairs. No sooner had I said the words when BAM! A fried Oreo stand! It was practically a sign from God. We needed to try them.

Fried Oreos

Golden, warm and doughy soft on the outside with powdered sugar on top and that crunchy black Oreo goodness inside, these fried calorie bombs were delicious. A little messy and perhaps gluttonous, but man, were they good.

NOTE: I don’t have a close-up picture of an actual fried Oreo because to be honest, it wasn’t around long enough to be photographed. I practically inhaled it. True story, folks.


Vietnam on the brain (and stomach)

Lately I’ve been on a serious Vietnam kick. After reading Anthony Bourdain’s A Cook’s Tour, a collection of stories based on some of the episodes of his Travel Channel show No Reservations, I’ve decided that’s where I want to go, Vietnam. He also wrote about Portugal, Morocco, Spain and Cambodia among others but it was his chapters on Vietnam that really hooked me. I did some other reading, checked out Lonely Planet, and even thought, hell, let’s see what a round trip ticket might cost me. The answer? A lot. Duh, no surprises there. But even if they were giving away airfare, I couldn’t take the time off so yea, so much for that plan.

My wanderlust hopes might’ve been dashed but I still had Vietnam on the brain. More than anything, Bourdain had got to me with all his talk of Vietnamese food. So since I couldn’t make it to the actual country, I went in search of the food.

Vegetable spring rolls

Bao Noodles, a cozy bistro-like restaurant on a quiet stretch of second avenue close to my apartment, had good reviews and I liked it from the start. It was cute, our waiter was smiley and chipper without being obnoxious, and the menu had lots of things on it without being completely overwhelming. Continue reading