Mandoo mania

Mandoo goon- pan fried pork and veggie dumpings

Before living in New York, I’d only eaten dumplings, of the Asian variety specifically, a handful of times. But in the last year, what will be the New York chapter in the story of my life, I’ve eaten them dozens of times and all over the city. One of my favorite places, and the one I keep going back to when friends are in town, during long lunch breaks away from the office, on weekends, and just because, is Mandoo Bar in the heart of Korea town.

Now that's a nice lookin' mandoo!

Mandoo (Korean dumplings) are either fried or boiled and come stuffed with savory fillings like pork, shrimp and veggies. They’re all good but my favorite are probably the goon mandoo. Pan fried to a golden crunchy perfection, goon mandoo are plump with juicy pork and vegetables. They’re great as an appetizer when you just want two or three, or as a whole meal when you want to polish off a dozen of them.


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