Breakfast in Miami

This year, to celebrate our great nation’s independence, I headed south, to home, to Miami. On my to-eat list was just one category: Cuban food. Sure, I could probably find Cuban grub in New York (afterall, what country’s cuisine isn’t represented), but in Miami it’s everywhere. Literally. Every block has a Cuban sandwich shop, restaurant, coffee shop, food-by-the-pound place, food cart, or old lady selling the stuff she cooked up at home. And I missed that. I’m not Cuban but I sure love the food.

Saturday morning, when my sister asked what Flaneur and I wanted for breakfast I was quick to blurt out my answer: “Cuban!” It didn’t matter from where really (most places in Miami are good) but I had a few things in mind.

The somewhat unassuming yet totally delicious tostada and cafe con leche

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