A new M&M

The newest M&M's: pretzel

For someone who ocassionally struggles with decision-making (I’m always the person at the restaurant asking the waitress for “just a couple more minutes”) I really do love having a wide variety of choices. When I lived in Italy, choices were limited when it came to candy, M&M’s in particular. I could have regular, peanut or sometimes crunchy if the store in question was well stocked. But here, in America, the land of endless possibilities, M&M’s just keep adding to their collection, and I for one, am all about it.

Up close and personal with a blue pretzel M&M

In addition to regular, peanut, crunchy, peanut butter, walnut, coconut, dark chocolate and the unfortunately short lived dulce-de-leche varieties, M&M recently added pretzel to their list of dangerously-easy-to-eat-100-of candies.

For the time being (i.e. until I buy another bag) I have mixed feelings about the new M&M’s. The round, chocolate and candy coated pretzel balls were good, but I wasn’t crazy about them. They were almost too crunchy for my taste and just slightly on the dry side. On the other hand, these new M&M’s only  have 150 calories per bag, while regular milk chocolate M&M’s have 210 and peanut M&M’s have 250. For someone who eats candy in large quantities (but doesn’t aspire to wear elastic waistband pants), this is a good thing. They weren’t my favorite (I think those might be peanut butter M&M’s) but I’d definitely eat them again.