California eatin’

San Francisco!

New York and I didn’t split up—we’re just on a break. I needed space and time apart, that’s all. And while some people think it might turn into something serious and I keep saying it’s just casual, I’ve been seeing someone new: San Francisco.

I actually miss New York and many of its eccentricities but San Francisco knew exactly how to take my mind off things: food.

Anywhere else and I might be worried about missing out on all the great food options that a city like New York has to offer, but lucky for me, I landed in an equally great foodie haven: San Francisco.

When I bought my Lonely Planet San Francisco City Guide the first thing I did was flip to the section on eating. Tacos, pho, burgers, dim sum, ice cream, burritos! With so much to chose from I wasn’t sure where to start. Continue reading