Morning at the farmers market

The Ferry Building is fast becoming one of my favorite places to hang out in San Francisco. With all the great food and interesting places to eat and shop, all under one roof, I have yet to get tired of going. Since I’ve been here I’ve gone at least once a week, sometimes twice. When I woke up yesterday morning, I knew that’s where I’d be heading first during my Saturday wanderings around town. The reason: Saturday’s Farmers Market.

I originally went for something specific, but when I got there it turned out the vendor I was looking for wasn’t there this week. At first I was upset because I’d walked all the way over there for nothing but once I started looking around at all the other stuff there I was glad I came. Fresh produce, baked goods, cheese and meat products—everything regional, straight from the farm, and most of it organic.

Everything looked incredible but I was particularly blown away by the fruits and vegetables. It was like I was seeing them for the first time. Had peaches always been this big and round, the color of a fiery sunset? Definitely not the tough, dinky ones I bought at shitty supermarkets in New York.

 I don’t really ever buy fresh peas but these looked so bright and green, and so cute in their little white paper baskets that I thought about it for a bit, before realizing I’d have to carry them around all day and that would probably get annoying.

Same with these strawberries— I wanted buy a dozen of these little plastic baskets and just sit at home eating them all day long. So plump and such a vibrant red, they almost looked like cartoon strawberries.

When I saw figs though, I couldn’t leave without some. (I’m obsessed with them.) Since they didn’t come prepackaged and I could just buy a few to eat while I walked around, I whipped out my wallet right away. When I saw the size of some of the purple ones, I figured this would be lunch. This one, for example was huge, fatter than any other figs I’ve ever had.

The green ones, while not as enormous as the purple ones, were hands down not only the best figs I’ve ever had, but possibly the most delicious fruit I’ve ever eaten in general. They were incredibly tender and juicy, with a fat, sugary sweet pulp. I could’ve eaten twenty of them.

And the peppers! So many peppers! Big, small, red, yellow, green and who knows how many levels of spicyness.

They even had fresh flowers! And not boring, standard roses, carnations and the like (which believe it or not, I’m not a fan of. Not even the smell, which makes me think of funerals). These were big bunches of wild looking, colorful, bright flowers that looked like they had just been picked earlier that morning.

Next time I go, I’ll be prepared for more shopping and less gawking. I might even buy myself some flowers!


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