Life is like an egg custard tart

Golden Gate Bakery's egg custard tart

I don’t know what I was expecting. I guess when I heard custard I assumed it would be creamy, like the smooth, pale yellow filling that oozes out of an eclair. When I actually saw the egg custard tart, a small circle of a warm yellow color circled by a flaky crust, I assumed I was right in my thinking. But when I pushed back the crinkly paper baking cup and bit into the still-warm tart, I wasn’t quite expecting the taste that hit my tongue.

The egg custard tart, appropriately enough, tasted, well… like egg. It had the consistency of it too, actually. While the tart’s custard surface had been a brighter yellow, the inside, once I bit into the soft middle and the buttery crust, was an off-white color…. not unlike a fried egg you might say. It had that kinda gummy, kinda smooth, kinda soft texture of an egg that could use just another minute of cooking.

I was thinking creamy and smooth, but then I got... eggy

Everything I read about Golden Gate Bakery in Chinatown said that I absolutely, without a doubt, if I did nothing else worthwhile in my life, had to, had to, haaaad to get the egg custard tart there. So I did. And it was, well… interesting. Very subtle in it’s sweetness with a nice pastry crust. Not bad really, if you like eggs, which (no surprises here) I do. It probably would’ve made a better breakfast pastry than pre-dinner snack, like I had it. I guess it just wasn’t what I was expecting.


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