Deck the halls with cookies and doughnuts

Mmmmm, dooooughnuts.

I love the holiday season and almost everything about it  (with the exception of maybe fruit cake which I will quite possibly never come around to) but it’s not often that I’m so moved by the holiday spirit that I have the urge to burst out into song and belt out a Christmas carol or two. But seriously, these ornaments I saw at Urban Outfitters this weekend kind of made me want to  do just that.

O Christmas tree! O Christmas tree! How delicious are your ornaments!

Well, no, maybe I didn’t go quite that far. The only Christmas songs I ever feel compelled to sing along with are Wham’s “Last Christmas” and of course, Mariah’s “All I Want for Christmas is You.” (I mean really, how ridiculously catchy is that song?) Even then, I tend to have these moments home alone (or in the shower) and not out in public.

Forget tinsel, I want cookies on my tree

But all singing and joking aside, I really do enjoy these foodie ornaments. Look at that cookie! How nicely would that match my cookie shaped camera pouch? (Hint hint. I’m lookin’ at you,  Santa.)

As the song goes…

“O Christmas tree! O Christmas tree! Much pleasure thou can’st give me!”

(Yes, those are real lyrics.)




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