Sometimes vacations are hard to end

Florida: where I recently was and where my camera still is.

Not that I think any of you are out there losing sleep over my lack of posts, but I thought I would update you all the same on why 2011 so far has been blog post-less.

I recently went  down to Florida to visit family and friends, and yes, I did some fantastic eating, tried a couple new spots, went to a couple old places, supported my local foodie friends in Miami, and even ate some healthy things… and of course some not-so healthy things. All in all, a successful trip I would say.

But when it came time to head back to New York, winter and the real world, my camera decided it wasn’t ready and instead decided to hang out just a little bit longer at a bar in Lakeland, Florida where we were last together. At first I thought it had left me for warmer weather and a bigger home, but alas, it turned up. It’s had its fun and should be back home soon when it hitches a ride with my flaneuring boyfriend, who also needed to squeeze a little more Florida into his winter.

So, until it gets here, everyone just sit tight. Blog posts are on the way.


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