My funny Valentine

Have I mentioned before what a great boyfriend I have? Cause if not, you should know, he’s pretty fantastic. Sure, he leaves his dirty breakfast dishes in the sink and insists on keeping me up to date on his every bowel movement, but aside from that, he’s a pretty good catch.

Today, on the national day of red roses, heart shaped boxes of chocolate and bad poetry in overpriced greeting cards, he skipped all of that, knowing good and well that I didn’t want any of it, and instead got me something infinitely better and way more thoughtful: doughnuts.

You keep your heart shaped boxes. Let me have the doughnuts...

Not just any doughnuts, though. Oh no no! These were doughnuts from the just-opened-today Chelsea location of Doughnut Plant. But because the ol’ 9-to-5er (or should I say 6er?) stood in the way of me being there for their opening day, my darling beau went instead, braved the lines, and had doughnuts waiting for me when I got home.

He doesn’t remember what they were (hey, I didn’t say he was perfect) but based on what I’ve read about the shop’s first day in Chelsea, I think what we ate were the glazed passion fruit doughnut and the oatmeal doughnut. The passion fruit was tangy and sweet, like biting into a perfectly ripe, juicy fresh fruit, while the oatmeal one was spongy, soft and moist, with a creamy, brown sugar flavor and little toasted bits of oatmeal on top.

Sweet company and sweet eats, everything I ask for out of a good Valentine’s Day.



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