Springtime and cookies

Today was the third official day of spring, and to mark the occasion, New York had snow.  Again. And when it wasn’t snowing, there was icy rain instead. Then on my walk home at the end of the day, when I hoped the weather would have cleared up a bit, there was hail, which pelted me all the way home like an annoying bully.

I needed something to bring a little sunshine into my day. (You know, since spring obviously didn’t get the memo. ) Just a few blocks from my apartment I  saw the Roasting Plant Coffee Company and since I’d recently read that they had the alleged “best chocolate chip cookie in the city,” I figured it was about as good a time as any to test that claim. I bought two cookies, asked for them to go, and tucked the crinkly paper sleeve into my purse, where they would be safe from the obnoxious rain and sleet outside.

Behold, chocolate chip cookie perfection

When I got home, after announcing to Flaneur that I came bearing treats, we each bit into our palm-sized cookies, and let me tell you, it suddenly became spring. The clouds parted. The slush disappeared. Rays of sunlight burst everywhere and birds chirped as flowers bloomed. Ok, so none of that actually happened but still. Those cookies were phenomenal.

Striking just the perfect balance of slightly crispy on the outside but soft and chewy on the inside, with a doughy sweet flavor and fat chunks of chocolate, the Roasting Plant’s cookies might not have done anything for the dreary weather, but they definitely did wonders for my my mood. Without trying more of the other cookies on the list, it’s unfair to say this is definitely the best, but I can say this much: this delicious cookie has been the best thing to happen this spring.