Cause we’ve all been there before


Go on and admit it, this is funny. And it's funny cause you've been there before.

Maybe you’re a broke college student, or maybe you’re a broke graduate, or maybe you’re neither but you’re still not the filthy rich millionaire you always thought you’d be by now, but whoever you are, chances are you’ve at some point or another found yourself face to face with one of these, a sodium-laden package of ramen noodles.  If you haven’t… well then lucky you. For the rest of us, Urban Outfitters has this hilarious ramen to make us feel just that much more embarrassed and ashamed for stooping so low.


3 thoughts on “Cause we’ve all been there before

  1. I love it. This is where I’m at right about now. Actually, I’m actually around lower than that on terms of the college-brokeness-scale. I’m at the point where I go to any free event that offers food in order to try and avoid buying groceries.

  2. Don’t knock the Ramen… I actually buy a brand from Bangladesh (from my local Bangladeshi grocer), which has a masala curry flavor pouch… cook the noodles, then stir fry with a few Thai chili peppers, an egg, and some diced onion, throw in some cilantro at the end… 4 star meal my friend.

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