Another reason to love New York

The Major Rager (yes, it really is called that)

Sometimes, I really love this ridiculous city. Where else could you decide, while riding a cab at the end of the night, that the cure to your late night munchies is to order, yes, to actually have delivered to your home, a box of cookies and brownies? Like it was a pizza! Like it was completely normal to have baked goods delivered to your apartment well past 2 in the morning! New York, that’s where!

The first time a friend told me about Insomnia Cookies in Greenwich Village, which delivers assortments of baked sweet treats well into the night, I thought, “Damn those NYU students. They don’t know how good they have it.” Sigh.

Saturday night, with Flaneur and a good friend along for the late night grubbing, we ordered the Major Rager, a cardboard pizza box full of fat chocolate brownies, chocolate chip, M&M and chocolate chunk, white chocolate and macadamia, chocolate with chocolate chunk, cinnamon sugar, and peanut butter cookies. We had milk, but if we  hadn’t, we could have ordered some from Insomnia, too.

Does it get better than that? Not late night when you’re hungry in the city that never sleeps.


6 thoughts on “Another reason to love New York

  1. Insomnia cookies is in fact one of the greatest inventions of all time (for college students). Trust me, as a NYU student, I fully appreciate how glorious it is to have cookies delivered late at night (especially during finals, or whenever the RAs force us to have floor meetings…ugh..) Their chocolate chip cookies make it all better. Which cookies were your favorite?

  2. Angie, your metabolism is something absolutely STUNNING! Look at all the grease oozing out of those cookies… and still you look gorgeus! How is that possible?

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