My Miami

People who think they know Miami based solely on their having been to South Beach are the same breed of dummy who form their entire opinion of New York based on Times Square. One is just as loud, expensive, and tourist-clogged as the other, and neither paints an accurate picture of the greater cities they’re in. And while I don’t go as far out of my way to avoid the beach like I do Times Square, I don’t particularly run to it when I’m in town either.

Scotty's Landing, an old favorite

Instead, like on my last visit to Miami for my sister’s graduation, I prefer Coconut Grove, a more mellow, artsy, relaxed part of Miami, and one that I have lots of good memories in from growing up in the city. One of my favorite places in the Grove and Miami in general is Scotty’s Landing, so I decided to take Flaneur there.

Conch fritters

Scotty’s is a super casual, semi-hidden spot located right on the water near the Grove marina (another place I have fond memories of from a Miami adolescence) and the food is nothing fancy but yet always comforting to me. They serve things like fish and chips, burgers, and mozzarella sticks. But every time I’ve ever gone there I’ve ordered the same thing, and this time was no different: conch fritters.

Slightly sweet and doughy, these fried balls of conch, which of course come with a side of tangy marinara sauce, are my favorite. They’re no better than mozz sticks or jalapeño poppers, but I love them. Add a cold beer and a warm breeze blowing off the water, and you have everything I could want out of an afternoon in Miami.


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