Summer hybrid

Is there a more quintessential summer food than hot dogs? Lobster rolls, you say? Well what about hot dog-lobster rolls? As in a hybrid of the two. Too much summer in one food? Nonsense!

Hot dog meets lobster roll

Now, as some of you might know, I actually hate summer. And this particular summer, though not as hellishly hot as summers past, has gotten no more love from me than before. (Partly due to the fact that my boyfriend will be gone for almost all of it, leaving me to count the days till fall.) But I don’t want to be a total hater, so I’m trying to seek out the good in the current season. Enter the hot dog- lobster roll. I read about it online recently, and yesterday during my day off, when I found myself near the place that makes them, I went and got one.

Henry’s Rooftop Bar at midtown’s Roger Smith Hotel isn’t really anything to write home about so I’ll skip straight to the food, which unfortunately didn’t blow me away either. The lobster topping on the hot dog just wasn’t fantastic, it was only ok, and probably needed to be a little creamier and smooth. But overall it wasn’t bad and I still really like the idea of it so hopefully someone out there in the city will tweak it and make it better.

In the meantime, I’ll be riding out the rest of summer, waiting for fall.