So over it

Today at one point while I was out and about trying not to die of a damn heat stroke on my day off, I checked my phone to see what the temperature was, and you know what that lying rat bastard phone of mine tried to tell me? 94 degrees. Ninety-friggin’-four degrees!

I’m no meteorologist but really, phone, you and I both know the temperature was a bit closer to 250 degrees. Oh and “sunny” was just a tad of an understatement. Heat-lamp-style, blistering sun would’ve been more appropriate.

So what’s a girl to do on a day like this? Drink lots of water? Well, yes, but I can’t live off water alone. No, no, times like these call for ice cream. Cold, delicious, ice cream. Which is exactly what my friend and I found while roaming around Nolita in search of relief from this disgusting weather.

When the going gets hot, the hot get ice cream.

Little Cupcake Bakeshop, as the name might suggest, had tons of cupcakes and they all looked fantastic, with fat swirls of icing and different toppings sprinkled on top, but the little cart outside with the sign that read “ice cream” was everything I needed. And there were fun flavors too, like Red Velvet, Fruity Pebbles and Brooklyn Blackout (something with about four different kinds of chocolate going on). I opted for Banana Pudding ice cream which was rich and thick, packing a ton of creamy banana flavor and crumbly chunks of what I’m assuming were Nilla wafers into a couple of scoops.

Was I still hot as the devil after eating it? Did I continue to sweat like I was being slow-roasted over a pit of hot coals? Uhm, yea, definitely, but in those brief moments when I was eating that cold, creamy ice cream, I almost forgot that New York had turned into a sauna. And when the weather is as nasty as it was today, I take whatever moments of relief I can get.


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