Foodie/fatty accessories

Looking for a fast way to kill a couple of hours? One word: Etsy.

While I haven’t gone as far as actually buying anything from the online marketplace for vintage and handmade items including artwork, jewelry, clothing and everything else under the sun, I do love to while away the time going through the different vendors.

Today, for example, I came across this awesome vendor, who kind of randomly, makes food miniatures into jewelry and accessories. Thing is though, they’re really good! Like if I didn’t know they were itty bitty versions, I might think that half of these are the real thing. Check them out.  

Mini pancakes… for your ears!

These pancakes look totally real, don’t they? But nope, they’re teeny tiny pancake earrings. Mind blown, people. Look at that maple syrup, just look at it!

A fig ring, how perfect!

I’m obsessed with figs so not surprisingly, I think this fig ring, is pretty freakin’ cute. I don’t know that I would wear it now, but let me tell you, 12-year-old me would have worn several of these, right along with my mood rings. (God I loved mood rings.)

Why yes, those are croissants in my hair.

And then there’s the croissant bobby pins. How cute are they? Not as cute and tasty as the real thing, but pretty nonetheless. If I worked in a bakery, I would wear these in my hair. If I worked in a bakery, I would also be big as a house. Just saying.

Tiny spaghetti wrapped forks… as earrings!

And finally, perhaps the most appropriate in the context of this blog, dangling spaghetti swirled forks! Again, the awkward, dorky 12-year-old me (the same one who fiercely loved her dangly peace sign earrings) would have popped these on in a heartbeat. The older and only slightly less awkward and dorky me still thinks they’re kind of quirky and fun.


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