Technicolor traditions

These Easter eggs are gonna really cheer up my fridge

I’m a total sucker for holiday-themed tradtions…usually of the childish variety and especially of the edible kind. I love carving pumpkins at Halloween, putting together gingerbread houses during Christmas, and I even like buying those little chalky Valentine’s Day candy hearts with messages on them (even though I think they’re absolutely foul tasting).

So it should really come as no surprise that Easter, with its jelly beans, chocolate bunnies, Peeps and Cadbury eggs, is something I’m all about. This year though, I brought back one of my favorite childhood Easter traditions that doesn’t even have to do with candy: dying Easter eggs! Flaneur, having grown up in that boot-shaped country across the pond, had never done it before so it was all the more reason for me to break out the hard boiled eggs and PAAS dye kit.

I already love hard boiled eggs, but turn their shells teal, orange, violet and golden yellow and I’m over the moon. Really though, how can rainbow-colored eggs make you anything but happy? Some people like soft pastels for Easter, but I prefer ultra-vibrant, turbo pigmented, technicolor eggs.  They came out so well I think I might be adding this to my holiday traditions repetoire.