Life’s Boo Boos

For Life’s Boo-Boos? I’ll take it.

It’s been a quiet week or so here on the blog and it’ll probably continue to be that way for an indeterminate amount of time (though hopefully not too long) while I sort out some things going on in my personal life. While I don’t think these chocolate band-aids I  found at Economy Candy in the Lower East Side can fix what’s broken, I certainly don’t think they can hurt. They’re for life’s boo-boos after all, so maybe I’ll pick up a box or two, or twelve.

In the meantime, if anyone needs me I’ll be listening to this song on repeat and eating chocolate band-aids and other nonsense for dinner while obsessively watching the Olympics alone. Cause really, that’s all I wanna do right now. That is, until the creative juices start flowing again and I can go back to regaling you all with my stories of  gluttony. Until then, stand by.


4 thoughts on “Life’s Boo Boos

  1. Sorry to hear that. Here are a few hugs – we can all use a few hugs, to go with the bandaids…

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