October obsessions

There is no candy or sweet more divisive than candy corn. You either absolutely love it or you absolutely hate it, not much grey area in between. Me? Well, I fall squarely on the love it side and can eat candy corn by the handfulls, literally until my teeth ache, and even then I push through because I just can’t ever get enough. I love it. I’m obsessed. You don’t like it? Good, give me yours. (That was my childhood mentality come trick-or-treating time.)

I was at a drugstore recently, marveling at all of the Halloween candy on sale (candy corn included, obviously), when I saw something that made me actually gasp: white chocolate candy corn M&M’s. Whaaaat?! That’s THREE things I love in ONE candy!

Candy Corn White Chocolate M&Ms

I snatched up a bag and tore it open as I walked down the sidewalk. No more than halfway down the block, the M&M’s were gone. They weren’t so much like candy corn (except for their orange, yellow and white candy coats) but sweet, 25-pound great pumpkin, Charlie Brown they were delicious! Totally addictive! Candy coating on the outside, tooth-achingly sweet white chocolate on the inside, total taste bud party in my mouth.

By the looks of it, and based on the fact that we’re not even halfway through October, my dentist is gonna think she won the lottery when I inevitably have to see her in November. Left to my own devices, I’ll be eating these until my whole skull hurts.


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