We interrupt your regularly scheduled life to bring you… SANDY

This is somewhat of a massive understatement but, man, what a crazy week we just had in New York! And actually, for way too many people, lives are still turned upside down.  Hurricane Sandy, you bitch!

Even for the lucky people like me, who right now still have a bed to sleep in and a roof over their heads (with fancy things like hot water and electricity to boot), things were plain ol’ bonkers this week. Lower Manhattan looked like a scene from I Am Legend, the hotel where I work was closed (which side note, hotels never close, so just imagine), I became a refugee in Astoria (again, huuuuge thanks to the wonderful friends who took me in!) and all that played on the news were scenes of a torn apart tri-state area on a scale that I, as a native Floridian and hurricane veteran, could never in a million years have imagined of a category 1 storm.

So yea, needless to say, telling you about my trip to Iceland got put on hold. But now that power is restored (in Manhattan anyway) and things, in my life at least, are returning to normal (whatever that means these days) I can go back to my previously scheduled blogging. Standby for more on my grubbing in the Arctic Circle.


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