Five for Friday

Oh, whaddaya know, it’s Friday again. So with that comes the now second edition of Five for Friday, just some little linkety links for you to check out. Happy reading and happy Friday! (Someone cue The Cure!)

  • There was talk this week of planning a pancake party with friends and coincidentally one of my favorite bloggers posted a recipe for hot cross pancakes. That’s a sign from the universe that we have to make it happen, right?
  • Gwyneth’s new book is gonna have to go with Fifty Shades of Grey under the category of “obnoxious books I’ll never read.”
  • I’m having dinner with a friend this weekend at Harold Dieterle’s new West Village restaurant, The Marrow, and let me tell you, I’m sooooo excited! Bone marrow with sea urchin, it’s ON!
  • Ok, woa. Not sure what I have to do or who I have to become friends with to get invited to a polenta party, but it needs to happen.
  • There’s a pending London trip in the works for me (fingers crossed!) and I’m kind of dying to eat at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal. I’m also hoping to meet Eddie Redmayne and run away with him. (Fingers and toes crossed.)

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