Five For Friday

It’s been a busy, all-over-the place, crazy kind of week, so thank God it’s done… even if I am working straight through the weekend and all the way until Wednesday afternoon when I’ll finally be a free bird. (Someone cue Lynyrd Skynyrd!) Either way, it’s Friday and everything just feels better when it’s the weekend. So here’s some light reading to get your weekend started off on a tasty note:

  • Also included in the care package I received from my sister: Nutella and Jet-Puffed Marshmallow Creme. You know what that means? These sandwiches are happening in the very near future, and I’m all kinds of excited.
  • I’m officially going to London next week! On my must-do list is eating at Bumpkin, which came recommended from one of my favorite bloggers, Rosie from
  • I’m all for the food truck craze, especially now that I’ve heard about Neapolitan Express. Mobile, organic Neapolitan pizzas? Yes, please.
  • Summer is starting to creep up on us, I can just feel it, and when it finally gets here, I think I’ll be ready as long as I have one of these strawberry gin smashes in my hand.

Lay’s, why don’t you do ME a Flavor??

Back in October, when I heard about candy corn Oreos, I first of all, almost lost my damn mind, and second, proceeded to run all over Manhattan in search of them, only to find that not a single supermarket, bodega, or food vendor of any kind had them. Sadness and pouting ensued.

Recently, just as my frail heart was healing, it almost broke all over again when I heard about Lay’s new “Do Us A Flavor” contest, which asked America to name a winner from three flavor finalists, chicken and waffles, Sriracha and cheesy garlic bread flavored potato chips. Apparently, New York City was left out the voting, because like the Oreos, were nowhere to be found.


Soooo, yea. THIS happened.

But then news came from Florida: my sister had tried the coveted chips! They were hard to find down there too, and supermarkets that carried them were only able to keep them on the shelves for a short time before they were all scooped up, but at least they were there! I, needless to say, trapped in New York, was jealous as all hell and confused beyond belief at why in this crazy city where you can find all manner of rare and odd items, I wasn’t able to get my hands on some damn Lay’s potato chips. Continue reading