Five for Friday… returns!

I skipped this last week cause I was busy having a love affair with London town but now that I’m back in the concrete jungle where dreams are made of (a phrase that still doesn’t sound right) I’m back to it and interrupting my vacation recap to share some stuff I’ve been reading and possibly drooling over from the interwebs. Regularly scheduled London posting to resume shortly.

  • This might be totally sacrilegious, and if it is sorry, but I really want this chocolate Moses from New York Mouth (where coincidentally, I also want every single other thing they sell.)
  • Tell me this piñata cake isn’t the damn coolest cake ever! Next birthday, I. WANT. ONE.
  • Just yesterday I found out that ABC Cocina opened this week. Who’s coming with me??
  • I’m just gonna put this out there: I would probably make out with whoever got me one of these crazy buttery croissants from M. Wells Dinette.

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