Five For Friday

Another week, another set of links. Doesn’t it feel like time is moving insanely fast, like someone sat on the fast forward button on the remote of life? It does to me. Heck I haven’t even finished blabbing on and on about London! Aaaaand I’m already daydreaming about my next jaunt. ::Sigh:: Not enough hours in the day! Anywho, check these out:

  • My book collection needs this book, Modern Art Desserts, whichcombines two things I love: desserts and art. That Mondrian cake? Love it.
  • Uhm, speaking of combining things I go bonkers for, let’s talk about this cronut, the love child of a croissant and a donut. YES.
  • I’m seeing The Great Gatsby tonight (side note: SO excited. Soundtrack’s been on heavy rotation the last couple of days) and this champagne mint julep is practically begging me to drink it in celebration.
  • I’m already an uber fan of Il Cantuccio in the West Village, and now they’re adding porchetta to their sandwich roster? Things just keep getting better.

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