Five for Friday

Having Monday and Tuesday as my days off this week really threw the whole week off for me. I almost forgot today was Friday! Can you imagine? But here it is, Friday, and with it another small roundup of things I’m reading when I should be doing something more productive.

  • Before you get any crazy ideas, I am absolutely NOT pregnant but c’mon, this peanut butter, pickles and maple syrup sandwich sounds good doesn’t it?
  • The Great Googa Mooga is this weekend… sure wish I was going so I could stuff my face full of all the awesome food they’ll have this year.
  • Speaking of food-related events in Brooklyn, with the weather turning all pretty and such recently, I think it’s time to finally check out Smorgasburg… possibly in elastic waist band pants. Just sayin.’
  • I made these eggs baked in avocados this past week and not only were they super easy but they were mighty delicious. New recipe added to my line-up. I highly recommend.

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