Five For Friday

So I skipped this again last week. Woops. I’m sure no one even noticed, what with it being a holiday weekend and all. I would’ve compiled some links for you but I was busy hiding from the chilly rain and blustery weather. (Oh how far we’ve come in just a week.) But here I am again, with some clickable links for you. Enjoy.

  • Coke floats and root beer floats are some of my faves but this watermelon soda float just screams summer to me.
  • This whole cronut craze is getting out of hand and now there’s a new lemon-maple flavor coming out? Ugh, I’ll never get my hands on one of these.
  • The art history nerd in me thinks these artsy toasts are the coolest thing since sliced bread. (See what I did there? Har har.)
  • They’re sold out now (duh) but how awesome do some of these ice creams in Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams Zelda Collection sound? Cognac and marmelade? Yes, please.