Happy anniversary to me!

What do they say, time flies when you’re stuffing your face? No, that’s not what they say? Well, that’s what I say cause that’s certainly how time’s gone by for me, flying by in a woosh of delicious food over the last four years.

Today, you see, marks the day four years ago that I showed up in New York with two suitcases and not a damn clue where my life was going or what adventures lay in store for me.

Ice cream cake makes all celebrating that much better!

Ice cream cake makes all celebrating that much better!

In the past four years I’ve lived in four different apartments (six if you count two stints on friends couches) and had three different jobs. I’ve dealt with two hurricanes and a small earthquake. I’ve had my heart broken to pieces, cried in public (a New York rite of passage) and then moved on. I’ve made new friends and reconnected with old ones, and realized that a few of both will be around forever. I’ve met Jay-Z and told the story maybe a thousand times, and will one day tell my kids too so they know I’m cool. I’ve lived four years and at the same time four whole lifetimes.

And as documented on this little blog of mine, I’ve eaten some of the best food around.

The whole thing’s been crazy. No really, it’s been simultaneously challenging, ridiculous, hilarious, exhausting, rejuvenating, frustrating and the best time ever.

To celebrate, it only seemed right to go with ice cream cake, always near and dear to my heart, from one of my favorite New York spots, Parm. A fat wedge of peanut butter, banana and raspberry ice cream cake on a bed of crumbly, crunchy chocolate, with a small strip of bacon plopped on top, Parm’s Elvis ice cream cake was the dessert version of my New York experience thus far: overpriced and perhaps over the top, but fun, delicious and unlike anything of its kind.

I’ll eventually leave this city one day but until then I hope to keep adding great memories and incredible eats to my New York City days.


Ice cream oddities

ice cream

Nothing odd about my love of ice cream

I will never, not ever, ever, tire of eating ice cream. It just won’t happen.

Not that I was in any way remotely close to forgetting this fact, but I was recently reminded, when I went to check out Williamsburg’s new ice cream shop, Oddfellows Ice Cream Co. speacilizing in small batch, made-in-house ice cream in what drew my attention, unusual flavors.

Sure, they weren’t all odd. The usual suspects, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, were all there afterall, but there was also cornbread for example, and even more daring, there was chorizo caramel.

Naturally, I went straight for those, one fat scoop of each piled into a little cup.

chorizo ice cream

Rich, buttery chorizo caramel ice cream

Chorizo caramel, for those of you who are making faces reading this, thinking it’s disgusting, was far from it. The ice cream was decadently rich, with sticky ribbons of caramel swirled throughout and the chorizo only made itself known in a subtle savory hint of flavor, perfect against the sweetness of the caramel. The cornbread was also subtle and sweet, with a more even flavor throughout and a thick creaminess that was a reminder of all that is great about ice cream. It wasn’t overtly corny but did have a slightly different sweetness than a vanilla or other creamy ice cream.

With a whole summer of hot, nasty days ahead of me, I might just make it my goal to try all of Oddfellows flavors, odd or otherwise.

Five for Saturday?

So maybe consistency isn’t my forte when it comes to this Five For Friday business. Who cares though, right? I had busy day and the weather was extra rainy and awful yesterday, so doing this yesterday just wasn’t something I was into. So here you have it today. Boom.

  • New York, as it loves to do, is working itself into a frenzy over cronuts, but now you can just make them at home! Screw waiting in line!
  • OddFellows Ice Cream Co., in Williamsburg, specializes in small batch premium ice cream made in house, and now that I know that caramel chorizo is a flavor… well, you know where to find me on hot afternoons.
  • My popsicle love affair continues, especially after I found this breakfasty blueberry and granola popsicle from what is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs.
  • I’m still getting to know Greenpoint and just last week I discovered there’s a Balinese restaurant, Selamat Pagi, not far from my house. Adding that to the neighborhood to-do list.
  • It’s in the very early stages of planning, but I have a trip to Istanbul (hopefully) in the works. With all these delicious looking desserts, I’m pretty sure I’m going to looooove Turkey.

Doughnut day of celebration

I recently found myself in the delicious scnenario of talking to a handsome fellow about doughnuts. (Sigh. File that under situations I wish happened more often.)

The doughnut talk (which I didn’t even initiate, in case you were thinking I only talk about food), started because Mr. Easy-On-The-Eyes recommended the kids’ cereal themed doughnuts from The General, a new restaurant on the Bowery. I wouldn’t have expected it from an Asian fusion restaurant but I made a mental note and told myself I’d check them out later.

Then earlier this week, via a giant ad in the window of a Dunkin Donuts, I found out that Friday is National Doughnut Day, which immediately brought me back to The General’s doughnuts.

Happy (early) National Doughnut Day!

Happy (early) National Doughnut Day!

I don’t know what they have to do with The General’s asian fusion menu but frankly, who cares! They’re awesome! Goofy but fun, a bit over the top but totally delicious, and absolutely a great way to celebrate National Doughnut Day!

There’s a whole assortment of tasty doughnuts, but I went for the cereal themed, one mini each of the Cocoa Puff, Fruity Pebbles and Cinnamon Toast Crunch kind. Plump and pillowy soft, each is filled with a cool, creamy filling and topped with a little bit of each kind of cereal for a cute decorative touch and crunchy contrast. My favorite? The Fruity Pebbles, which reminded me of Momofuku’s cereal milk soft serve, and the Cinnammon Toast Crunch, which had a velvety vanilla custard, speckled with cinnamon. The Cocoa Puff was too much of the same, I thought.

So, even though Dunkin is apparently giving out doughnuts with all drink purchases on Friday (thank you, informative poster in the window), I think I rather celebrate at The General… with a glass of cold milk to go with my cereal themed celebration.