Doughnut day of celebration

I recently found myself in the delicious scnenario of talking to a handsome fellow about doughnuts. (Sigh. File that under situations I wish happened more often.)

The doughnut talk (which I didn’t even initiate, in case you were thinking I only talk about food), started because Mr. Easy-On-The-Eyes recommended the kids’ cereal themed doughnuts from The General, a new restaurant on the Bowery. I wouldn’t have expected it from an Asian fusion restaurant but I made a mental note and told myself I’d check them out later.

Then earlier this week, via a giant ad in the window of a Dunkin Donuts, I found out that Friday is National Doughnut Day, which immediately brought me back to The General’s doughnuts.

Happy (early) National Doughnut Day!

Happy (early) National Doughnut Day!

I don’t know what they have to do with The General’s asian fusion menu but frankly, who cares! They’re awesome! Goofy but fun, a bit over the top but totally delicious, and absolutely a great way to celebrate National Doughnut Day!

There’s a whole assortment of tasty doughnuts, but I went for the cereal themed, one mini each of the Cocoa Puff, Fruity Pebbles and Cinnamon Toast Crunch kind. Plump and pillowy soft, each is filled with a cool, creamy filling and topped with a little bit of each kind of cereal for a cute decorative touch and crunchy contrast. My favorite? The Fruity Pebbles, which reminded me of Momofuku’s cereal milk soft serve, and the Cinnammon Toast Crunch, which had a velvety vanilla custard, speckled with cinnamon. The Cocoa Puff was too much of the same, I thought.

So, even though Dunkin is apparently giving out doughnuts with all drink purchases on Friday (thank you, informative poster in the window), I think I rather celebrate at The General… with a glass of cold milk to go with my cereal themed celebration.


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