Back again

Guys, I’ve been a stranger, I know. I’ve just been busy with this whole business of living, which for me has lately entailed lots of working, sweating and bitching about the heat, occasional bad decision making, staying up late and of course eating. Always eating.

My new trove of Australian snacks and goodies

My new trove of Australian snacks and goodies

But also, my roommate and best good friend (Did you just catch that Forrest Gump reference? Cause it happened.) has been gone, traveling around the Land Down Under for work while I’ve been home in Brooklyn, jumping at every small noise I hear in the night. But now, after a seemingly endless two weeks or so, she’s back, and because she’s amazing, she brought back a ton of Australian goodies, cookies (ahem, sorry, biscuits!), chocolate, candies, some damn good potato chips (honey soy chicken? DE-freakin’-LICIOUS.) and even Vegemite!

I was kinda hoping she’d have smuggled back a koala to be our new pet, but this? This all will do just fine.

I’m ready to get back into the swing of things, things like having a roommate, binging on candy and blogging all about it. Bring on the rest of summer!


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