Happy food in hot times

During the last couple of days of this miserable, seemingly endless NYC heat wave, I’ve fantasized about booking a one way ticket to the polar ice caps, wondered what it’d be like to fill my tub with ice and pack myself in it, and come dangerously close to throwing in the towel and moving to San Francisco, whose siren call I hear in my dreams: “Angie, it’s 61° degrees in mid July. What are you doing? You should be here.”


Go ahead ice cream sandwich, make it all better

But alas, I’m doing none of those things. (Not yet anyway.) Instead, I’m toughing it out. I’m hanging in there, pushing through my yearly bout of the sticky, sweaty, cranky summertime blues, and getting me through it is my Prozac of food, ice cream.

Earlier this week at Dean & Deluca while daydreaming about nestling in between gourmet pints of ice cream, I spotted something I knew would help ease the subway ride home: an ice cream sandwich from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams.

Not just any ol’ cookie and ice cream combo (though I do love those simple versions), Jeni’s was a decadent, borderline magical sounding creation of juniper ice cream swirled with lemon curd in between giant lemon-yellow almond macaroons. Sold.

photo(6)Descending into what never ceases to feel like the innermost rings of hell, my subterranean nightmare of steamy, stagnant air, and pungent waves of other people’s BO, I actually managed to momentarily put it all aside as I chomped into my palm-sized ice cream sandwich. The macaroon, all lightly crispy on the outside and almondy sweet and chewy in the middle, was a perfect holder for the creamy, bright, zesty ice cream inside. Each bite was a swirl of clean, cool flavors in my mouth and a delicious and refreshing way to pass the minutes as I waited on the sweltering platform.

I may spend the rest of summer crossing off the days left on the calendar till autumn arrives, but as long as I have cold treats like this crazy good ice cream sandwich in my other hand, well, I might just make it to see those long awaited cooler days.


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