California love*

Happy camper, right here. So happy, in fact, I'm doing that face where I look like a cartoon.

California sun and a nice drink make for a happy camper. So happy, in fact, that I’m doing that face where I look like a cartoon.

I’m usually in a bit of a funk after I come back from a good trip somewhere. You know, the ol’ post vacation blues. But since coming back from California last week, where I spent a damn near perfect eight days, I’ve managed to not only not be mopey, but rather hold on to my vacation high!

Gorgeous weather in both Los Angeles and San Francisco (read: sunshine, cool breezes and not a single tiny bit of humidity), amazing friends who showed me the best time, and for the purposes of this blog: SO. MUCH. DELICIOUS. FOOD. Seriously, SO much.

Come think of it, if i’m still buzzing off my vacation, it could be that I’m actually still digesting all of the great things I ate. I know, it’s kind of a gross thought, but it’s true. I ate a lot of stuff.  Tasty stuff that I’m gonna tell you about a little at a time so as to not overwhelm anyone (myself included) with all of my California grubbing memories.


Problems I like to have: too much delicious ceviche

To start off, let’s talk ceviche, which I looove.  Fresh, colorful, zesty, delicious ceviche, which is just the kind I had with my darling friend, Arlene at La Cevicheria in LA.  It was a no-frills kind of place, but the ceviche we had, both humongous bowls of it, was great. They were both different, but to be honest, in my hunger induced frenzy to wolf it all down as soon as it came out, I forgot to jot down what they were. What I can tell you though, is that octopus, shrimp and crab were involved, as were limes, avocado, onions, Worcestershire sauce and something I don’t remember ever having in ceviche before but loved, mint. Add a little dash of hot sauce and scoop a big heap on to a crispy tostada and you’re looking at a fantastic meal.

fish taco

Not surprising that a place that makes great ceviche would make fantastic fish tacos.

But because I tend to struggle with moderation at times like these, we also got an order of fish tacos. Each soft tortilla was stuffed with a fat, juicy hunk of crispy fried fish, shredded cabbage, avocado, tomato and cilantro.  Simple and perfect, one of the best fish tacos I’ve had.

It was my first time in LA, and even though I was prepared to not like it (because I imagined it would be the Miami of the west coast, and that’s an off-putting thought for me), I ended up loving the City of Angels.  It was the weather, the beautiful people (i.e. my friends) and yes, the delicious seafood I scarfed down that afternoon.

La Cevicheria on Urbanspoon


*Note: Yes, the title of this post is a Tupac reference, cause you know what, I’m a big ol’ Tupac fan.  Boom. Chew on that. 


4 thoughts on “California love*

  1. Ah, my California, as the Italians here used to call the state “La Italia in America”, Italy in America! Also it has been stated that San Francisco compares to Genoa (Genova) and Los Angeles to Naples, of this I agree. Such a joy living here; the produce is varied and magnificent, how phenomenal the plethora of different ethnic cuisines, mountains such as the European Alps, desserts such as in the Middle-East, a thousand miles of rolling hills reminiscent of the south of Italy and Spain. Los Angeles is gregarious and joyous and San Francisco conservative and delightfully intellectually sober, etc., etc. And yes such as today when the temperature hit the 80s here in the San Francisco Bay Area not a bit of humidity. Plus here in the Bay Area we have two volcanoes (extinct), now that’s Mediterranean!!!! Thanks for the great article.

    • California, is indeed, pretty great. I don’t entirely agree with LA being like Naples. The Bay Area is definitely my favorite though, so lucky you for living there! Thanks again for reading!

  2. As much as I enjoy life here in California I must say that the magic of Italy wins, nothing compares to the country’s overtly Latin vibes… Recently a nephew and I were driving through Sonoma county near Napa Vally when the boy said that I should consider moving to the county because of its resemblance to southern Italy and Sicily of which I said no to because there were no hill top villages, sounds of church bells and defiantly no exhilarating street life amongst other seductions. Nothing beats the magic and exhilaration felt when the plane lands in Italy, NOTHING!!!

    • I agree there’s no place like Italy and it certainly has intoxicating powers of seduction, but really nothing beats living in a place where things actually work and things aren’t ass backwards.

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