I’m back

Guys, I’ve been a stranger. I’ve been MIA since Thanksgiving, but now with 2013 on the way out and a whole new year set to start in a few hours, I’m here to change my ways.

Not that anyone’s been that concerned, since precisely no one has asked why I stopped blogging, but whatever. Point is, I’ve been away and now I’m back.

So where have I been exactly? Meh, around, just kinda busy. My roommate and I hosted our first house party (and it was a smashing success), I survived another work holiday party and there’s been countless other smaller gatherings and dinners, brunches and drinks. So mostly just excessive eating and drinking, and not a whole lot of blogging.

Oh and while I’ve been away, THIS happened too. And actually, that’s part of why I haven’t been blogging. I’ve been busy telling other people where to go and what to eat… just at work and not here.

This whole year, if I might take a moment to reflect, has been pretty great. I’ve traveled, had amazing meals, AND met Eddie Redmayne. 2013, you’ve been more than alright to me. To start 2014 with a challenge, my roommate and I are going vegan (just for the month of January) so that should provide more than a few food adventures (misadventures?) to share here.

Hope you’ve all had a good 2013 and are looking forward to an even better 2014 full of good people, good food and good times!


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