See ya!

IMG_4735-4As someone who has aaaalways believed in the restorative powers of autumn, I’m ok waving goodbye to summer while everyone else mourns the end of the season.

And what better way to say “till next year” than a drink called “See You in September?” The New York Distilling Company, one of my now new favorite neighborhood spots was where I found this tasty gem, a delicious mix of tequila, apple brandy, Luxardo Aperitivo, apricot, and lemon over a big cube of ice. On one of the unofficial last days of summer, a day that was muggy as all hell, sticky and unbearable, this drink was cold and soothing and everything I needed.

Cheers to summer and cheers to it being over. On this eve of September, I raise my delicious New York Distilling drink to everything that’s to come.


Beach bum tacos

The beach was nice, but I was there just as much for the tacos as the fun-in-the-sun.

The beach was nice, but I was there just as much for the tacos as the fun-in-the-sun.

I’ve lived in New York over five years now and have spent six summers in this city, and in all of that time, never once, up until last week, had I gone to the beach here. Crazy, right?

This year though, I finally decided to get my act together, throw on a bathing suit, and head to Rockaway Beach, the official beach of Brooklyn hipsters and cool kids alike.

However, dear reader, I have to tell you I’d be lying if I said I was entirely motivated by any desire to feel the sun baking my already brown skin while damn near naked in public. A stronger motivating factor was tacos. Delicious, summery tacos from Rockaway Taco, the small, whitewashed stand just a few blocks away from the beach that draws crowds just as much as the ocean does.

So, yes, I went to the beach and did the whole sun-and-sand thing but once that was done and crossed off the bucket list, I went and had tacos. After roasting in the sun for a few hours, first on my list was something cold, in the form of a fruity, refreshing pineapple and mint juice.  It took everything in me not to guzzle it in big, greedy gulps.

Pineapple-mint juice and tacos: perfection on a summer day.

Pineapple-mint juice and tacos: perfection on a summer day.

To go with it, I had two tacos, one fish and one chorizo.  The  fish taco had a plump, perfectly-golden-on-the-outside and tender-on-the-inside hunk of fried fish and a delicious spicy mayo type sauce that I licked off my fingers like a gross little animal. The chorizo taco, topped with thinly sliced radish and zesty cilantro like the fish taco, was juicy and flavorful, and consequently gone in just a few bites.

Rockaway Taco was the perfect end to a fun, relaxing summer beach day that I should’ve had dozens of times already and not just once. Guess that means that as the summer quickly starts to wind down, I’ll have to make up for lost time and squeeze in as many trips as I can to Rockaway Taco… and the beach, of course.

Cheese and whine

For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with summers. On top of absolutely loathing the hot, sticky weather that comes with the season, it’s always seemed to be the time when crappy things happened in my life.

As a kid, summer was when my best friend went away to her family’s beach house and my other friends took off for vacations, summer camps and fun things. Some years, I was stuck miserably at home, and others I was forced by my dad to go to summer school, an experience which plunged me into all new levels of awful.

In more recent years, my worst heartbreaks have been during summer and with them my ugliest hangovers. Un-airconditioned apartments, steamy subway platforms, and the disgusting cockroaches that come out to terrorize me haven’t helped either.

So why all the whining and complaining? Well, basically to explain that this summer, while it’s had its very high highs, has also brought its share of blues. I’ve been in a funk and haven’t really felt like dishing about what I’ve been eating. I’m moody, don’t hold it against me. But I realize it’s silly and dumb to act this way, so I’m getting over it, especially since New York has had one of the coolest summers on record (definitely the most pleasant weather-wise in the five years I’ve lived here) and that’s reason enough for me to be happy.

So yea, sorry I’ve been away. I’m retiring my Lana Del Rey summer anthem and instead going back to bombarding you all with stories of ridiculous things eaten and a million and one popsicles made. I promise. You wait and see.