Soup dumplings will make everything ok

A feast to say screw you, cold weather!

A feast to say screw you, cold weather!

Ok, no one freak out buuuuut, yes, winter is indeed coming. But as long as there are soup dumplings to be had, winter can go on and make itself right at home cause I, for one, will be just fine.

Yesterday, a day so ugly, drizzly and cold that it really should have been declared a city wide “Stay in bed” Day, marked the first soup dumpling outing of the season for me. I had the winning combo of not wearing a warm enough coat and then getting stuck in the rain, so when I showed up at Shanghai Café, I was shivering and wet. My good hair day from earlier in the day? Gone.

But let me tell you, even just rattling off menu items to the waitress made me feel better. “Ok, right, so, uhm we’ll have the soup dumplings, the steamed pork dumplings, an order of scallion pancakes, the beef tendon noodle soup, pork fried rice, fish ball noodle soup, and uhm, yea I think that’s it. Oh wait, an some lo mein.” Insert sheepish smile that you hope conveys “I’m not a fat ass, I swear. It’s just cold outside.”

One bite into those steaming hot soup dumplings and it didn’t matter one bit what was happening outside. Tons of hot, delicious food, a few good friends, and enough hearty laughs over terrible dating stories, and it could have been a full blown blizzard for all I cared. Winter, I’m ready for ya.






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