Summertime and the eating’s easy

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If summer were a dish, it might be a citrusy, frozen drink and a plate of fried artichokes.

Man, it’s been a hell of a summer. I’m usually the first one to say good riddance during these last few days before we officially move into fall, but this summer’s been an interesting, eventful one and I’m ever so slightly kind of sort of maybe a touch sad to see it go.

It’s been a summer of reconnecting with old friends and cementing new friendships, visits home and travels to foreign cities, old flames and new flames, late nights, big laughs, concerts, dancing, hangovers, long talks, good books, slow days, and always, always, good eats.

Here’s to hoping the last few days of the season are as delicious as the above pictured fried artichokes and frozen citrus drinks I had earlier this summer at Sunset Beach. Summer, let’s do this again next year.