Hot drinks meet cold treats

I promise I’ll eventually stop bitching about the weather, probably some day in  late October when I’m wearing a knit sweater and booties and my hair doesn’t look like one of my parents was a Brillo pad. Today is not that day.

Really though, it rained this morning and now it feels like a tropical jungle (hello, zika!) outside and the very inner rings of hell in my windowless, non air conditioned bathroom. (Ever try blow drying your hair in those conditions?)

The good thing about these muggy times though, is that I don’t feel even an ounce of guilt over my mass consumption of ice cream, and this weekend I got my hands on some that incorporates another thing I love: hot, boozy drinks.


One of my favorite hot drinks… Now in ice cream form

Hot drinks, cold ice cream, one delicious treat… what a time to be alive, right? Tipsy Scoop ice creams are liquor infused with flavors like chocolate stout, strawberry white sangria, and one of my all time favorite cold-weather indulgences: hot buttered rum.

Creamy, cold, and with just a hint of rum swirled in with the buttery, caramely flavor, I meant to eat about half the tub, and then just plowed through till I hit the bottom. (Bottom of the container, not any sort of personal “rock bottom.” No qualms here with eating a whole pint alone.) My only concern with this ice cream was that it was a bit on the soft side when I would have liked it to be a touch firmer. Then again, I did take it on a 15-minute train ride.

And with the temperatures down there, it’s a wonder I didn’t melt into a puddle myself.


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