You had me at butter croissant soft serve

The internet is full of wild, over the top food creations, each one trying to outdo the others in terms of flavor combinations, toppings, colors, or size. Most of the time, when I see them on Instagram or other sites, I scroll on by, shrugging as I go, sometimes amused but otherwise uninterested.

But let me be real clear, that is NOT what happened when I read about a croissant butter soft serve at Supermoon Bakehouse in the Lower East Side. My eyes widened, my mouth watered, and I immediately checked which train would get me there fastest as soon as I left work that day.


Doin’ it for the Gram… and for my insane sweet tooth.

looove soft serve ice cream, and last week when New York was hotter than Satan’s armpit, I would’ve been happy to eat it for every meal. I also love a good plain buttery croissant, which is what really got my attention here. Sure almond is great and chocolate is obviously in a league of its own but a classic croissant with it’s soft middle and buttery, flaky outside is just the best. So a dessert that combined both? C’mon. I HAD TO.


Ever a child of the 80’s, I can’t help but love a color changing product.

I’ll be honest: this thing was ridiculous. In a good way, though. It came in a bright pink plastic cup with matching spoon, both cold activated color changing so that they to started turning purple as the soft serve chilled them. Sprinkled on one side of the cartoonish swirl of creamy white ice cream were little crispy croissant bits, tossed in extra salt and sugar for a caramelized-savory crunch. On the other side was a thin, dehydrated slice of croissant, swirled with blue because clearly this is not a dessert concerned with being understated.

Absurd as it was, I actually really liked it. I could’ve done without the croissant slice but I enjoyed the crunchy crumbles. They were a nice contrast both in taste and texture to the soft serve, which was thick and creamy, with enough of a buttery flavor to keep it from being too sweet, but not enough to make it fatty or savory. If you’ve ever had Milk Bar‘s cereal milk soft serve, this was in that same flavor family.

With its neon signs, pink counter tops, holographic take out boxes, and the giant stuffed croissants they’re known for, Supermoon was maybe a little much for me personally. But like their butter croissant soft serve, even though it was a little crazy, it was also fun, quirky and made for some interesting pictures. (And trust me, everyone there was snapping away… at everything.)

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