Apartment hunting and party planning

Come September, if all goes as planned, I’ll be moving to a new apartment— in a new neighborhood with a new roommate (hey boyfriend!) and mostly a lot of new stuff (because I’m sick to death of all my current things… I’m looking at you, Christmas plates that have been in use year-round for the past SIX years.) As someone who not only deals well with change but actually welcomes it, I am more than ready.

Sure, I have to actually find a place first, but I’m not letting that stop me from thinking about all the fun stuff: the houseplants I’ll add, what it’ll be like to finally get rid of the  mattress I’ve had since the day I moved to New York, and all the fun possibilities for entertaining that are coming up in the second half of the year (my birthday, Thanksgiving, and the foodfest that is December.)

That last bit of reverie is how I wound up going down the rabbit hole at Paperless Post, the online shop with all sorts of cute, customizable stationery and invitations for every kind of event. Someone sent me a wedding save-the-date from there and before I knew it I was idling through all of their categories, finding myself— unsurprisingly— going through the many results that came up when I searched food.


This one I’ll send to my new “roommate.” Also, can we talk about how much I love the word canoodle? It’s just great. Noodles and canoodling, love ’em.

Good Food

I could see myself sending this out for a Thanksgiving gathering but really, these are words to live by.


I’ve always wanted to be one of those people who makes sushi at home. (I dunno… doesn’t it just seem so cool and grown up?) Or maybe we’ll just have friends over for sushi takeout. That could be fun too, especially if you got this invitation.


I love holiday parties (hell, I’m already in the midst of planning my office’s party in December!) and have used Paperless Post for past party invites. This one is definitely something I would send because c’mon, food and booze? That to me, IS the holidays.

But luckily my birthday is months away and this summer heat and humidity make it seem like I might just melt before the holidays even get here, so really what I need to do is find an apartment. Wish me luck, please? You know, so I can start planning the housewarming…


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