Forever Pizza ’cause… pizza forever

img_0674Anyone who knows me, or reads this blog, or maybe doesn’t even read it but just scrolls through the photos (something I encourage you all to do on Instagram), knows I love pizza, and if you know me only slightly better, you also know I love art, and if you know me just slightly more than that, you know I love quirky, peculiar things.

Which is why when on Christmas day I unwrapped a cardboard box that looked like a mini pizza box and pulled out a red velvet drawstring pouch containing a Forever Pizza, I was totally smitten.

My boyfriend, who I admittedly don’t give enough credit to (cause you know… men), really just gets me sometimes. This was one of those times.

img_1020Forever Pizza is a limited edition batch of real pepperoni pizza slices frozen in time (well, actually acrylic resin) by Brooklyn artist, Steph Mantis, who also happens to be the designer behind the pizza night light that I very much need in my life. She grew up in an and around her dad’s pizza shop in Maine so clearly, it influenced her artwork. (Uhm, hi, can we be friends?)

It might sound totally bizarre to some, but really it’s one of the most thoughtful and freakishly specific presents I’ve ever been gifted. Not only does the shiny, smooth resin appeal to the tactile side of me that needs to touch everything, but I love turning the acrylic block over in my hands, seeing the pizza refracted into different views and angles, so that sometimes I see just the cheese and pepperoni side and other times I see the crust, sometimes I see the one slice straight on, and other times there appear to be several.

But most of all, I love the idea of pizza forever, because really, those are words to live by.


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