About the fork


Hey there, I’m Angie, The Good Fork. If you’re wondering why I’m calling myself that, please read my very first post where I explain the story behind the name. (Spoiler alert: it’s an Italian idiom for someone who loves to eat. But you should still read the post.)

So a bit about me… I went to the University of Florida, sometime in what now feels like the late Triassic period (but was really 2003-2007) and studied Journalism. I didn’t want to join the rat race right away so after graduating I instead moved to Italy. Two years, one Italian boyfriend (long since out of the picture, just so you know), a few random jobs, and many delicious meals involving mountains of carbs later, I moved back to the states and to a city I had only visited one time before: New York City.

My journalism degree got me an editorial job at a finance magazine but it was a boring and soul sucking so taking the advice of everyone who ever suggested I do something combining food and writing, I started this blog, a place for my musings on the things I eat and drink here and on my travels.

After my magazine time I spent a few years in hospitality, working as a hotel concierge and honing my skills for restaurant finding and recommending. These days I work as an admin, another not-terribly-exciting job, so this blog remains my creative outlet and a place for me to blabber about food. I never know where I’ll end up or what I’ll be doing, but I’ll always make my way back here.


The Good Fork blog*

This little blog started way back in 2009 when I had only been living in NYC a few months, and needed an excuse to explore and learn the city, eat everything in sight and also keep up my writing habit.

It was called La Buona Forchetta the first few years because that’s how I learned the phrase, in Italian, but since people seemed to struggle with the spelling and pronunciation, I changed it to the literal English translation to make everyone’s life easier (mainly my own, since constantly spelling it out seemed to kill the novelty).

And while it definitely fits under the umbrella of food blogs, I don’t really review restaurants (if I didn’t like something, I don’t want to waste words on writing about it) or post many recipes of my own (though it does happen every once in a while). I’m a big fan of the personal essay format so this blog borrows from that a lot. I like storytelling and reminiscing and daydreaming, and for the purpose of this blog, I like to do all of that around the topic of the things I eat and drink.


*There’s a restaurant in Red Hook by the same name which opened just a few years before I started this blog or even lived in New York. While I’ve walked past it and even taken a photo standing below their cute wooden sign, I’ve yet to eat there.


11 thoughts on “About the fork

  1. Hello Angie–Just checked out your blog for the first time. (And I hope you’ll check out mine.) Wonderful! And I’m delighted to see someone who knows how to pronounce bruschetta! How did bru-shett-a ever get started? I’ll be back!

  2. This is awesome Angie, thanks for sharing your appreciation for food. Whenever you decide to visit DC, I can point you to some blog-worthy establishments. Good food in DC is hard to find, but it exists.

    • Thanks! I might be coming up for the 4th. Still tentative. But I’ll let you know. Thanks for reading!

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