Restaurant guide

I was a hotel concierge for years so giving restaurant recommendations was something I did day in and out. Even now that my work is completely unrelated, people still ask me where they should eat, sometimes in New York, other times specifically Brooklyn (because I live there) or Miami (my hometown) or if they’re traveling to a place they know I’ve been to.

With that in mind, I’ve created this list, a work in progress, to keep a record of places I’ve been to and enjoyed both in New York and elsewhere. I don’t blog about every single place I go to so most of these aren’t mentioned on The Good Fork other than here. Enjoy and check back in periodically as the list grows and changes!



  • Uncle Boons: fun Thai rotisserie (one of my faves in the city)
  • Sorbillo: legit Neapolitan pizza
  • Buvette: little French bistro (a West Village staple for me)
  • Simon and the Whale: little bit of everything, modern, so so so good
  • Socarrat: Spanish food/tapas (and a quid ink paella I daydream about regularly
  • Pig and Khao: Filipino-Thai-accented southeast Asian



Florence, Italy:

  • Antico Noe: my favorite spot for panini (no website cause that’s how old school they are, though a couple of guys opened one in NY with the original’s blessing)
  • Fuori Porta: casual enoteca with the best crostoni (An old post on the subject)
  • Il Pizzaiuolo: MY favorite pizza in Florence, neapolitan style
  • Teatro del Sale: cool restaurant with great food and live entertainment

Asbury Park: